Finding a founding engineer for a mental health startup.

We’ve helped Journey Clinical find their critical founding engineer.  They are a mental health startup that received seed funding in 2021 with incredible product fit.  They just needed someone to build.

Then came Adam. Because of our vast network of strong engineers we were able to place him almost immediately as we signed the recruiting agreement.  Not only is Adam one of the top startup builders on the market, he has a demonstrated ability to lead teams.  In fact he wrote the very first lines of code at a healthtech startup called Sema4, and scaled them through IPO as an engineering manager.

This is the type of impact we are proud to have at early stage companies.

What candidates had to say.

“...I do want to take the time to thank you for your email and the details within. Especially the presentation made me genuinely consider your company and did a great job of answering most of my questions. In short, y’all are doing it right!.”
Andrew B.
Sr. Cloud Engineer
“I really liked the slide you put together for the DevOps role, you don’t often see recruiters putting so much effort into advertising their positions.”
Brady T.
Sr. DevOps Engineer
“I just want to say that this format of short video messages is pretty neat. Ever since I decided to play with my LinkedIn visibility settings I’ve been inundated with recruiter messages. These videos did help yours stand out!"
Bert K.
Sr. Software Engineer
"The presentations were a very eye catching and innovative way of introducing a company!"
Brian M.
Principal Software Engineer
"Thank you for reaching out to me. I took the time to read the presentation, know more about the company and it’s amazing...I’m so interested in this topic... when are you available to chat?"
Ilse M.
Sr. QA Engineer
“...I just had a chance to catch up on your emails as well as the videos and slide deck. I just want to let you know this is a refreshing and welcome take on recruiter emails.”
Tom L.
Sr. Software Engineer
"Wow nice slide deck. I like this mission statement...I am open to starting a conversation.

Thank you for reaching out to me!"
Patrick N.
Sr. QA Engineer
"...I had to say I really like the unique recruiting approach!”
Larry C.
Principal Software Engineer

Reap the benefits of working with VPs of engineering turned recruiters.

🧡 With us:

  • Don’t waste your time with unqualified candidates.

  • Work with VPs of engineering that can identify what makes a great engineer.

  • We don’t stop until we fill your role.
  • Candidate pitch decks and employee highlight reels to boost your employer brand.

🤔 With typical agencies:

  • Waste time interviewing candidates that aren’t a match.

  • They don’t even understand the difference between Java and Javascript.
  • Prioritize large accounts only.
  • You don’t stand out among other options candidates have.