Evaluate the right skills

Maximize your inbound pipeline and evaluate technical and professional skills your team needs.

Bring a unique experience for people that want to join your team

Keep candidates engaged

Personalize your approach for each candidate to run a unique and thoughtful process that applicants love. Provide a realistic experience that feels familiar to candidates.

Receive quantified results

See progress at a glance and track every step within the take-home process. Collaborate between engineers and recruiters so everyone in your team is in the same page and no candidate is left behind.

Interview quality not quantity

Review candidates more efficiently by using git and GitHub. Working through a platform your team is familiar reduces the manual effort of sharing  notes and keeping everyone up to date.

Land your ideal candidate

Structure the hiring process flow.
Screen technical and soft skills earlier in the process, so you only interview candidates that are up to your expectations. Move quickly to gain a competitive advantage on high demand talent.
Attract qualified talent
Maximize how many relevant candidates see your job post by crafting engaging job descriptions and selecting the right job boards for the type of role you are looking to fill in.
Build the blueprint for every role.
Set up your search based on core skills that are relevant to your company and the culture within your team. By narrowing down what you are looking for you can focus on having more fruitful conversations with candidates that resonate with your mission.

Hiring based on merit alone

Set hiring on autopilot