Hiring as never seen before

Find engineers with the right experience and entrepreneurial skills that share your core values.

Reap the benefits of working with engineers turned recruiters

🧡 With us:

  • Don’t waste your time with unqualified candidates.

  • Work with engineering leaders that can identify what makes a great engineer.

  • We don’t stop until we fill your role.
  • Boost your employer brand.

🤔 With typical agencies:

  • Waste time interviewing candidates that aren’t a match.

  • They don’t even understand the difference between Java and Javascript.
  • Prioritize large accounts only.
  • You don’t stand out among other options candidates have.


of candidates we introduced got offers


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How we work with you

Exclusive approach
  • Join Slack, get an email, and become a part of your organization to better understand what you're searching for.
  • Calibrate on what the ideal candidate looks for you.
  • Set up email campaigns that we iterate based on engagement metrics.
  • Build your employer brand to attract the right candidates.
Qualified sourcing
  • Our networks: We’re connected to thousands of engineers via our social networks and personal connections.

  • Our tools: We pay for top of the line software as well as build proprietary tools via our software arm
Flexible fees
These are subject to change depending on the market, difficulty of the role, and our capacity.  In general, expect rates comparable to top recruiting agencies.

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