Scale your assessments

Keep track of every submission, improve grading consistency, and provide a candidate experience that engineers love.

Keep a smooth hiring system

Increase engagement

Personalize your approach for each candidate to run a unique and thoughtful process that applicants love. Provide a realistic experience that feels familiar to candidates.

Track progress

See submissions at a glance and track every step within the take-home process. Collaborate between engineers and recruiters so everyone in your team is in the same page and no candidate is left behind.

Streamline reviews

Review candidates more efficiently by using git and GitHub. Working through a platform your team is familiar reduces the manual effort of sharing  notes and keeping everyone up to date.

Be objective

Stay unbiased with anonymized submissions and clear rubrics. Get a better read on engineers, support your DE&I efforts and provide an objective process that levels the playing field.

Your team is scaling, so should your hiring process

Invite new candidates
Share a unique landing page with instructions to clone a private repository with all files required to complete the exercise. Our process lets candidates use git to submit their work, just as they would on the job.
Review objectively.
Grade anonymized submissions with GitHub workflows that include automated tests to ensure candidate's code is valid. Become more objective with each review and no longer spend time debugging.
Keep better track
See progress at a glance with our kanban board. Our process automatically nudges reviewers who are running late and alerts you to follow up with candidates, so nothing slips through the cracks.
Decide who to interview
Compare feedback from your team to make the final call. Our ATS integrations help you easily coordinate with recruiters to set up the follow-up interview and gather all notes in one place.

Get a better signal from candidates

Set hiring on autopilot