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Taso Lyristis
VP of Engineering
Tapioca has helped us streamline and organize our process.  We can track multiple candidates across multiple roles and coding screens. It plugs in seamlessly with GitHub, and internal reviewers review the code just like any other pull request.  Submissions are anonymized, which reduce bias when reviewing the code.
Global Investment Firm
Travis Nelson
Director of Eng.
I have been very impressed with the Tapioca team. They are extremely knowledgeable on the best-in-class review processes for take-home challenges and how to find better signals in your candidates. They have been very easy to work with and incorporate user feedback to make their product better every day.
Cloud Marketplace Series C Startup
Alex Kress
VP of Engineering.
Tapioca helps us see the progress of our hiring pipeline with much more detail than before. Their bespoke process helps us provide a better candidate experience with less friction, and their ongoing support helps us run a smooth process.

Digital Accessibility Series B Startup

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Customize your approach for each candidate, share key information about your team and have fruitful interviews after they apply.
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Boost your employer brand to gain visibility and find engaged candidates that resonate with your mission.

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It’s a fact. Candidates love what we are doing.
"The project is definitely fair as I now have a more clear understanding of the type of projects I might expect if I was hired to join the team."
"Pretty cool challenge!"
"This was one of the best screening experiences I've had. Regardless of which way my candidacy goes, I really appreciated the it!"
"It was amazing!"
"It was very fun and fair! I took longer because, since it wasn't strictly timed, I wanted to enjoy it and be as thorough as possible :)"
"It was very interesting. The first time I had to do this as part of an interview exercise. I liked it."
“It gave me a great glimpse into the types of challenges this position calls for. Thanks for the opportunity!”
"Unique approach to hiring. I really appreciate the efforts who spent time designing it."
"Kudos to the team behind this!"
"I always get to code and not review the code for an interview. Understanding code is where most devs spend their time, I liked it. I hope more companies start doing this."
"It was a nice experience with the process. As you have to think about every aspect when you develop something or manage any project. "
"I liked the time limit and the code review format."
"It was interesting and fair. Code was simple enough to be able to review it in a matter of minutes. I particularly liked the "strategic thinking" part."
"I really like the task! It's not standard and made it easy to show how do I think and work. Thanks!"
"This is a very fair challenges as it didn't cost me a lot of time and also very suitable for a senior / lead level."
"I thought this was a very fair and interesting way to determine my knowledge and thoroughness as a developer."
"I find these kind of challenges to be productive. They allow me to reflect on past decisions and practice my communication skills, which is always fun :)"
"Liked it, reviewing code is a good test assignment."
"Super interesting and fair. Loved both the questions, especially the last one - great idea crowdsourcing that :)"
"It was a really creative, unusual & interesting tech task to solve!"