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Scale your take-home process.

Keep track of every submission, improve grading consistency, and provide a candidate experience that engineers love.

Reduce human bias.

Stay unbiased on your take-home reviews to get a better read on engineers and support your DE&I efforts while providing an objective process that levels the playing field.

Streamline reviews.

Improve your process by automating repetitive tasks like finding a code submission, checking to see if the code compiles, or manually updating your ATS with notes and scorecards.

Work better together.

Track every step within the take-home process and collaborate with your team so everyone is aligned and knows what to do next.

Increase engagement.

Personalize your approach for every candidate and run a realistic experience that feels unique and familiar to them.

What our users are saying.

Travis Nelson
Director of Engineering
Anonymous grading is a big win for reducing bias in our hiring process. I've also been impressed with the Tapioca team. Their knowledge of best-in-class review processes for take-home challenges has made our experience much better.

Alex Kress
VP of Engineering
Tapioca helps us see the progress of our hiring pipeline with much more detail than before. Their bespoke process helps us provide a better candidate experience with less friction, and their ongoing support helps us run a smooth process.

eSSENTIAL Accessibility
Taso Lyristis
VP of Engineering
Tapioca has helped us streamline and organize our process.  We can track multiple candidates across multiple roles and coding screens. It plugs in seamlessly with GitHub, and internal reviewers review the code just like any other pull request.  Submissions are anonymized, which reduce bias when reviewing the code.

Sixth Street

As your company scales, so should your hiring process.

Accelerate your workflows to get a better signal from every candidate.

Invite new candidates.

Share a unique landing page with instructions to clone a private repository with all files required to complete the exercise. Our process lets candidates use git to submit their work, just as they would on the job.

Review objectively.

Grade anonymized submissions with GitHub workflows that include automated tests to ensure candidate's code is valid. Become more objective with each review and no longer spend time debugging.

Track your team’s progress.

See progress at a glance with our kanban board. Our process automatically nudges reviewers who are running late and alerts you to follow up with candidates, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Decide who to interview.

Compare feedback from your team to make the final call. Our ATS integrations help you easily coordinate with recruiters to set up the follow-up interview and gather all notes in one place.

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