Eliminate bias from your engineering hiring process.

Tapioca is a dev-friendly tool that converts your take-home submissions into anonymized PRs. Ensure candidates are accurately leveled with objective rubrics and blind grading directly in GitHub.

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Boost productivity

As your company scales, so should your hiring process.

Your engineers should be working on core business problems, not on tooling for hiring.
With our automated workflows for take-home assignments your team can manage the submission pipeline effortlessly.

Grade directly in GitHub

Review your future teammate's code as you do your current teammates'. Stop downloading zip files and have it all in one place. Blind grading and scorecards are built in from the start.

Automate your workflow

No handholding required. Make hiring decisions and automatically update your ATS to coordinate next steps. Our automated Slack notifications helps you be aligned with your team and avoid leaving candidates behind.

Stay on track

See your candidate pipeline at a glance. Smart automations assign reviewers automatically and nudge when they're overdue. Onboarding a new reviewer couldn't be simpler.

Be objective

Blind grading removes unconscious bias and improves diversity outcomes. Rubrics should be visible, candidate demographics should not.

Personalize your approach

Turn your current GitHub repo into a personalized and more engaging hiring experience . No need to worry about cloning repos, lost zip files, or providing complicated instructions. Candidates only need to push a few commits and their submission is ready to go.

For a limited time

Free for early adopters.

We are building it in collaboration with awesome hiring managers, and there’s only a few spots available. Request access to start improving your hiring process.

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Let us show you how

The proof is in the pudding

We are here as a helpful source, so we hope to address every question you have.

What is Tapioca?

Tapioca is a mission to fix hiring by bringing more inclusive methods and enhancing how candidates experience the hiring process. Currently, we are doing so by building blinding and review tools for teams that administer take-home workflows, so we can help them reduce bias and have a more objective approach for every candidate.

How does it actually work?

To use Tapioca you first need to install the GitHub app to share your take-home repos. This will allow us to turn your challenges into a branded, personalized experience for candidates. Behind the scenes, we’ll handle submissions so it’s straightforward for candidates you can be automatically notified as soon as they arrive and review them for the respective role and level. Our interface provides you with different tools that can help you have a more objective review and once you are finished we automate stages in your ATS and notify your team via Slack.

How do Tapioca permissions work?

Transparency is crucial for how we build our product, so we’ve written detailed guidelines about what we require from you. Please follow our Chrome and Github instructions for step-by-step instructions. If you have security concerns, please reference our Privacy policy, or feel free to email alex@trytapioca.com

How much does it cost?

We are currently limiting Tapioca to a small set of pilot customers. All fees are waived for a limited time for pilot customers

What browsers does Tapioca support?

You can use the Tapioca app in any modern web browser.

How can I add team members to my Tapioca account?

We’ll add everyone to your team as we onboard your account. If you were to bring someone new you can email stephen@trytapioca.com

What if I don't use take-homes?

This can be a controversial topic, but we’ve discovered that there’s a way to provide an engaging and interesting experience while getting enough signal so you only spend time interviewing people that match your expectations. There are other benefits, like being able to evaluate key skills while being blinded, and giving an opportunity to a larger set of people.

We also understand that many candidates suffer from bad take-home experiences. However, we’ve seen that if the take-home is respectful of their time, introduces them to interesting workflows, and if their efforts are reciprocated with constructive feedback, candidates can have a delightful experience even if they are not selected for the role.

So the question really is, are you open to using one? In the past year, we designed more than 20 highly engaging take-homes and helped filled over 10 different roles. To top it off, candidates loved it. 92% of candidates that took one of our take-homes had a positive reaction to our feedback, the other 8% had no comments. As a result of that work, we have a library of take-homes that cover base roles. We’d be more than happy to demo them to you and see how we can help. If you need a new take-home or want to use one that we’ve already designed, please get in touch with pablo@trytapioca.com