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👋 Hi there — At Tapioca, we're dedicated to building your recruiting engine early, so you can hire the founding engineers you need, and accelerate the process for future hires.

Discovering what resonates with candidates, knowing who to reach out to, and how to reach them is foundational recruiting work for every startup that views engineering as a core competency.

For us the proof is in the pudding, so we use our product sense and startup experience to match you with individuals who have proven to have the right type of skills based on their experience and merit.

Here is a quick word from our founders:
Hey there, I’m Alex. I’ve been both a VP of Engineering and Head of Talent. After starting my career at BCG, I founded an online coding program that taught 20k people to code, worked as a data analyst at Google, and helped a tech nonprofit scale from 25 -> 50 people. I graduated from Harvard with a degree in Applied Math and Economics.

If you enjoy chatting about recruiting or need a second opinion on your hiring strategy, I’d love to connect! Here is my LinkedIn or feel free to shoot me an email.
Hey — this is Pablo. I have 10+ years of Product Design experience at digital agencies and early-stage startups. As a designer turned recruiter, I’m focused on automating our sourcing operations, and creating rich experiences for candidates and our clients. In my free time, I like to mentor Jr Designers and I run the Friends of Figma Community in Seattle.

If you’d like to connect, here is my LinkedIn and my email.
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